10 Husbands, Still a Virgin
100 Dollar Question
17 of the Best !
17 Rules about Computers
18 Funny eBay Feedbacks
20 Rules of Life Updated
5 Steps to Survive a Boring Meeting
9 Ways To Apologize from Around the World
A Beautiful Message About Growing Old
A Bit of Physics Humour
A Boob Poem
A Brand New Small Car for Women
A Bunch of Guys Were Working
A Butcher and the Dog
A Cat Named Lucky
A Cat Scan
A Computer Instructor's Observation
A Desert Love Story
A Few Answers to Commonly asked Pregnancy Questions by Both Men and Women.
A Fricken Elephant
A Good Alternative Investment
A Good Reason to Drink and Not Drive
A Granny Goes a Visiting
A Gynecologist’s Hand After Thirty Years Service
A Heart Rending Story and a Compassionate Man
A Horny Old Geezer
A John Cleese Message to All Usa Citizens
A Kiwi Who Got his Priorities Right
A Little Boy's Prayers
A Little Old Lady is Walking...
A Little Old Lady with Failing Eyesight
A Little Problem with Accents
A Little Tribute to a Man Who Made a Difference: Bob Hope
A Load of Blarney About the Irish Blarney Stone
A look Back at 2012
A Man is Driving Down the Road and Breaks Down Near a Monastery.
A Man Walks into a Bar And...
A Man Walks into a Public Toilet...
A Man with a Dog Walks into a Bar
A Man's Car Broke Down One Night in the Desert...
A Mbb Aeronautic Development Engineer Told Me this Company Joke:
A Modest Essay
A Mother's Advice To Her Son on His first Date
A Natural Process
A Near Miss for the Pedestrian
A Neat Piece of Trivia.
A New Sin
A News Reporter on an Assignment Met Up With...
A Night out for Dave and his Wife
A Pensioner's Life
A Pom at Australian Customs
A Post Office Worker
A Prayer for the Stressed
A Professon Lectures on the Evils of Marijuana
A Sadist meets a Masochist
A slight misunderstanding
A Talent Scout
A Talking Parrot on an Aeroplane
A Timeless Lesson on How Consultants can Make a Difference for an Organization.
A Very Short Story
A Welsh Love Story
A Wise Old Man
A Woman Walks into a Bar
A Yank, Jap and a Racist Die
Abe and Esther are Stranded on a Desert Island
Absolutely Hilarious Computer Quotes
Actual Call Centre Conversations
Adam Got Caught Speeding Yesterday.
Advice from a Sex Therapist
Advise to a Son about to join the Marines
After the Honey
After the Operation
Air Traffic Controllers
Airshow Disaster
All Clean Jokes from Fabulous Jewish Comedians
All I Know About Computers I Learned From My Mum
All Three Were Wrong
All Torn-up
Always Check
An 80 Year Old Man
An Aussie Went into an Empty Bar...
An Australian Genie!
An Australian Soldier’s Wife Confesses
An Engineer, a Psychologist, and a Theologian
An Ironic Porcupine Fable
An Old Golfer's Problem
An out of Work Salesman Spent Months Planning
Anagrams and Scrabble Solutions
Anger Management, I Do Feel Better!!!
Another Crude One About a Fat Lady and her Elvis Tattoo
Another One for the Brits - an A-z of Essex English
Apparently She Knows You
Are You an American?
Arnie and Tiger
Arnold and his Wife Were Cleaning out the Attic One Day...
Australian Letter of the Year
Aviation Testing the Strength of an Airplane Windshield
Awesome Sports Quotes
Back at School and the Joys of Education
Bad Memory
Bad Timing
Bad Words
Banned forever for answering telephone
Beautiful Girl
Bed Time Story
Beer in the Eyes of Babes
Beer Quotations
Being Totally Honest:
Benny the Motorcyclist
Best Comeback Line Ever?
Best Number Plate Ever?
Best Tattoo in the World
Beware of the Dog
Beware of the Social Network Evolution
Big Game Warning from Mozambique
Big Strong Man Wanted
Bill Cosby Quotes
Bill Gates Vs. General Motors (gm)
Billy Connolly Quotations
Billy Connolly's 14 Things I Hate About Everybody
Blonde at Work and Wanted a Few Days off Work
Blue Balls
Breaking News: Presidential Ticket Announcement
British One Liners
British Weather
Brotherly Love on the Golf Course
Bulletin Board Addiction
Bumper Stickers
C+++ Creator, Bjarne Stroustrup Gave an Interview to the Ieee's 'computer Magazine.
Call to Prayer
Calling in Sick
Can I See Your License Please?
Can You Identify the Facial Expressions of These Women?
Can You Read this !!??
Can You Spot this Interesting Observation?
Can't Miss Pick-up Lines
Captains Log
Caught in the Act
Charles Atlas
Chatting Up on the Beach
Check your Stress Factor Here
Cheesy Instrument
Chemistry Action Results
Children's Science Exam Answers.
Christmas Quickies
Chubby Brown Quotes and Quotations from Roy
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Update 001
Computer Diagnosis from a Urine Sample
Computer Programming Facts, Humour and Subtle Truths
Computer Quotes
Confucious Says
Congratulations To All The Kids Who Were Born In The 1920's, 30's 40's, 50's , 60's & 70's !!
Consultants in the Restaurant
Corporate Lessons
Corporate Wisdom from Will Rogers
Couple on Their First Date
Cowboy in a Gay Bar
Cowboy Logic
Cowboys, Indians and Muslims!
Crap Joke Central
Crap Joke Central - 003
Creation of God's Country
Creative Answering Machine Messages
Culling the Coyotes
Customs Declarations
Daddy, How Did I Come into this World?
Damaging Food
Darwin Awards
Dear Abby Letters
Deer Hunting
Deodrant Stick Instructions
Devil's Problem
Did I Do that and a Letter from the Boss
Did this Gorgeous Girl Knock on your Door?
Did this Happen After your Wedding...
Did You Hear About Ol' Blue
Did you know that claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces
Did You See Santa in the Nude?
Difference Between the Sexes
Different Nations Corporations
Difficult choices
Dirty joke of the day
Distasteful Jokes to Pass Some Time......
Distressed Widow from Scotland
Do You Ever Want to Grab Someone and
Do You Have a Deck Chair?
Do You Know what a Bucket Seat Is?
Do You Know What Others Thnk about You
Do You Realize that the Only Time in Our Lives when We Like to Get Old is when We're Kids?
Dogs and Bars
Dog's Letters to God
Down Under
Downhill Race with a Harley
Dumb Blonde Waitress?
E-bay Ripoff!!
Early Retirement Bonus
Ebay Removes Harrier Jump Jet...
Elephant Joke
Embarrassing Medical Exams
English and Irish Man Joke
Escaped Murderer
Essex Girls Moved to Glasgow?
Evil Mutant Attack Squirrel of Death
Excerpts from a Book Called Disorder in the American Courts
Extracts from Police Car Video Arrests
Facebook - Crap Joke Central - Update
Facebook is Like...
Family Golf Story
Famous Composers and Movie Stars
Fatherly Advice from the Marriage Counselor
Female Distracted Driving Incident
Female Prayers
Fifty Shades of Grey .....Hair
Fifty Sheds of Grey
Finally, A Blonde Guy Joke!
Fire Fighters
First Day At School
Five Short Jokes
Five Surgeons Are Discussing Who Has the Best Patients to Operate On.
Flight Attendants
Formality to ask for Daughter’s Hand
Fortune Telling Weighing Machine
Four Good Lessons to Remember
Four Skydiving Cats
Free Beer
Free Strips of Paper
Friday 13th - Paraskevidekatriaphobia
Friendship, Men Vs Women
Friendship Tested to the Limit
From 'monty Python'
From the Mouth's of Babes
Funny Motor Insurance Claims
Funny Tales About Safe Working Procedures and Protocols
Gandhi at Law School
Geography of a Woman
Getting Dressed After Kindergarten
Getting Mugged
God Was Planning on Taking a Vacation
Golf Grammar Lesson
Golf Lessons
Golf with a Lady and Four Lawyers
Good Luck Mr Gorsky
Good News Vs Bad News
Google Solution to Gambling Addiction
Google Translate this
Greener Grass...
Groaner About a Honda Motorcycle.
Gross but Innovative
Guaranteed Peace at Last
Guardian Angel
Gun Logic 101
H2o: Dangerous Chemical!
Handy Latin Phrases by Phil Brodie
Harry Potter’s 3rd Bride
Has this Ever Happened to You?
Have a Happy Period.
Have You Ever Danced?
Have You Noticed the New Wireless Technology
Have You Tried This?
Have You Tried this on a Debt Collector?
Health & Fitness - Factfile. Questions & Answers
Health & Fitness - Old Age - Dangerous Driving Penalties
Hearing Aid and Perception
Helicoptor Flight Instructor and his Student
Here is Something Even Most Car Buffs Probably Didn't Know.
Here’s an Interesting Dilemma
Hilarious Quotes Concerning the Better Half
Hit and Run but Recognized
Holiday Brochure Translation
Holiday Couple in Spain
Hollywood Squares
Hope You can Solve this
How Come?
How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?
How Father Murphy Fixed his Leaking Church Roof
How Fights Start with Wife
How Many of These put a Smile on your Face?
How Not to Post a Newpaper Advertisement for a Sewing Machine.
How to Hold on While the Train is in Motion in Order to Avoid Falling.
How to Keep a Woman Happy Vs How to Keep a Man Happy
How to Keep Fit for the Elderly...
How to Spell Putt
How to Subtly Mention your Iphone when Picking Up a Girl in the Bar
How to Turn your Man On.....
I Already Paid
I Got Banned from Ebay
I Have Just Found Out...
I Need Some Advice on what Could Be a Life Changing Decision.
I Want a 19 Year-old Escort
I Wish to Be a Sex Symbol
If You Love Someone . . .
I'm Concerned
In Case You Ever Wondered...
In praise of Lance Armstrong
Ingenious Beer Holder
Ingenious Solid Gold Investment Plan
Insurance Claim for the Lawyer and the Engineer
Interesting Dialogue Between a Father and his Son...
Interesting Thoughts
Internet Proverbs
iPad vs iTablet
Ipads Half Price - Don't Miss Out
Iphone Helps Capture Osama Bin Laden
iPhone Sharing
Irish Car Rescue Tragedy
Is Anyone There
Is Santa Claus a Woman…
Is that Rain?
Is There a Santa Clause
Is this your Life - Repent Now
It is Important for Men to Remember that As Women Get Older
Its the Law
Jane and Arlene
Jesus and Saint Peter Are Golfing.
Jew Spotted Reading Arab Newspaper
Job Frustration Support Group
Job’s Worth On Shoreditch High Street, Uk
Johnny Again
Just Arrived in Town and All Alone
Just Before the Weekly Bridge Game
Just Between Us!
Just Call Me Mr Iron Man
Just Fred Gets Stopped by the Traffic Police for Speeding
Just No Pleasing Some People!
Just Puns
Just who thought of this street name?
Koala & Lizard (an Australian Tale)
Las Vegas Monks
Late Eighties
Latest and Greatest One Liners
Latest Financial News Items
Latest Interesting Trivia
Latest Update on Religion
Latest Update on Story Of The Three Little Pigs
Laws of Golf
Lawyers and Charity
Learn from the Discovery Channel
Leroy from Port Antonio
Letter from a Deep Sea Diver to his Sister
Letter from the Husband Leaving his Wife and her Reply
Letters from Son at College to his Father
Levels of Stress
Lexophiles - Lovers of Words - version - 001
Life in the Australian Army
Like Father Like...
Lipstick in School
Little Johnny And The Circus Clown
Little Johnny on Political Correctness
Little Johnny studies the auto industry
Little Johnny Tested on the American Automobile Industry
Little Johnny Thinking Brick
Little Johnny Wanted a Watch Just Like his Friend Jimmy
Little Johnny Wanted To...
Little Johnny Was asked to Spell...
Lobster and the Crab Are in Love
London Times Obituary
Losing his Load
Lost My Virginity to a Girl
Lots of Patience
Lou Costello Calls to Buy a Computer
Mammogram Test Preparation Exercises
Manure definition
Marriage Quotations and Observations
Marvellous Answer
Mathematics Test
Maud, Mavis and Ethel
Medical Definitions from the Irish
Melbourne International Airport Control Tower
Memorable Words From Politicians
Mental Health Ponderisms
Message in a Bottle
Message Very Important Notice To All Employees
Miscellaneous - A Walking Economy
Mission Accomplished
Modern Day Changes to Life and Channels
Moods of the Sexes
More Amazing but Useless Facts
More Commentator Bloomers
More from The Mouth's of Babes
More Groaners
More Quickies
Mother and Baby Pigeon
Movie Test to Guess your Favourite Movie
Mozart Beyond the Grave
Much to Their Surprise the Virgins Awaiting Muslims in Heaven Were Not what They Expected.
Murphy's Laws
Murphy's Laws of Sex
Murphy's Technology Laws
Mute Tourette's Syndrome
My Ex-Wife just got her Private Pilot's Licence
My First Condom
My Mother Taught Me...
My Neighbor from Across the Street
My New Year's Wish
My Son's Lizard
Nancy Reagan's Letter to John Hinkley
Nelson at Trafalgar
New Definitions
New Drugs Are Now Facebook, Youtube and Stumbleupon
New Living Will Form
Next Time You Sit Next to a Stranger
No Bonking!
No Calls
No Nursing Home for Me
Not a Joke but an Oldies Music Quiz Instead
Now I Know
Now I Know Where Chickpeas Come from
Nymphomaniac Convention
Obama arrives at the Pearly Gates
Oh, that Frank
Old Hollywood Squares
Ole the Artist
Olympic Games 2012
Olympic Wrestlers
On the Bus.
One for Halloween?
One for the Scots...
One for the Scousers
One Liners Version: 002
One Night, a Horny Old Geezer...
Only in Texas
Orchestra Drummer
Orgasm Types
Paddy and Murphy Went to London
Pain Remedy for the Little Sister
Parking Fine
Pauline's Knickers
Perfect Puns
Perhaps your Only Chance
Perks Of Being Over 50
Peter Kaye-isms., True. For Those that May Have Missed It.
Pilot's Fatherly Advice to his Son
Poems by Wife and Husband
Police in Costa Brava
Politics Explained by a Father to his Son
Pommie in the Crapper
Ponderism - Reasons to Be Thankful
Ponderisms for Seniors
Ponderisms - The Best Nineteen
Ponderisms Version: 001
Poor Dave
Poposal for the New Emblem
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Precautions Before Sex
Pregnant Woman - Will It Hurt Much Doctor?
Programming Is Like Sex
Programming Languages Compared with Women
Proof The World Is Nuts
Prostate Test in Thailand
Proverbs - According to 6year Olds
Psychiatrists Vs. Bartender
Pulled by the Police
Qantas Aircraft Maintenance
Quiz: In 1923, Who Was
Quotations All About Tax
Quotations: Sir Winston Churchill
Quotes and Humour from Groucho Marx
Quotes from Mark Twain
Quotes from Modern Programming Experts
Quotes from Some Girls
Quotes I Like
Random Thoughts from 25-35 Year Old People
Raped by a Cricketer
Real Notes to British Milkmen
Real Reason
Reason for the Break-Up
Reasons to Be Charitable
Red Cross
Refund from Taco Bell
Relationships Before And After
Remarkable Coincidences
Remus the Horse Thief
Research Results
Respect your Elders!
Revenge of the Finger
Rindercella and her Sugly Isters.
Rodney Dangerfield Quotes
Roping A Deer------- (names Have Been Removed to Protect the Stupid!)
RTFM and Excerpts from the Manual
Ruled You out
Rules for Writers:
Rules to Live by Version 002
Safari and the Lion
Safety at Work: Can You Spot this Dangerous Practise
Safety at Work: Just when You Think You Have Seen It All
Safety at Work: Street Lighting
Safety at Work: Street Lighting Again
Same Doc?
Samurai's and Flies
Scottish Bar Stool
Searching For a Missing Cia Agent in Ireland
Seasonal Greetings
Secret Service New Rules of Conduct
Security Levels Around The World
See-through Negligee Fail
Senior Couple Engagement
Seniors Under Attack
Sex Dolls
Sex On Venus
Sex or Drugs?
Shipwreck Survivors
Shipwrecked On A Desert Island
Shipwrecked, one man and a dozen women
Shop Sign Puns
Should Have Quit...
Sid the Inventor
Sign Posted at a Golf Club in Scotland , Uk
Simon Says...
Six Favorite Could Nots
Smart Dog
Sms One Liners
Snowman and the Proctologist
Snowplow Warning
Some Funny Marriage Quotes
Some More Puns and Wise Words
Some of the Finest Double Entendres on British Tv & Radio
Some One-liners From The Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Sounds Dirty but it's all in the mind
Speedy Morris
Spike Milligan
Squashed Frog
Staff Christmas Party
Steve Jobs - Iquit My Job at Apple
Stockmarket Investments
Stopped by the Police Again
Story of a Challenged Senior
Strange Cornwall Witch and the Hamster Story
Strange things that excite women
Street Juggler
Street Vendor and the Lawyer
Stress Management
Take the Choose-a-urinal Challenge!
Ten Reasons the Economy is So Bad
Tensions of Life...
Terrible Truths and Other Principles of Disaster
Thailand Headlines
Thank You, Dewalt!!!
The 90-year-old Sexpert Guru
The Agronomist
The Alternative Ten Laws of Computing
The Anniversary Present
The Ant and the Grasshopper
The Aussie, a Yank and a Canadian
The Australian, Irishman and the Scouser
The Australian Went a Hunting...
The Barber and Community Service
The Battle of Trafalgar - Revisited
The Beer Scooter
The Best Bible Salesman
The Best Cure for Persistent Headaches! !
The Best Engine Design
The Biker and the Little Old Lady
The Biology Test
The Blind Pilots
The Bookmaker Stopped at the Even Steven Inn...
The Bottle of Wine
The Boy Who Loved Tractors - Another Groaner
The Bridegroom
The Bronze Rat
The Building Site
The Burglar
The Busy Bar
The Butcher Dance - Somebody Must Like this One.
The Call of Nature
The Casino
The Champion Jockey
The Christmas Present from the Boyfriend Got Mixed Up in the Shop
The Church Organist
The Clothing Salesman Finally Sold...
The Concerned Anthropologist
The Confession After the Honeymoon
The Cricket Match
The Defendant's Testimony
The Diet Recommended by the Doctor for the Blonde
The Dinner Party
The Doctors Attitude to Rudd’s Proposed Health Care Legislation
The Doctor's Prescription
The Dog Who Liked Melons
The Door is the answer
The Dyslexic Cop
The Electric Arm Replacement
The Engineers and the Accountants go to a London Meeting
The Environmentalist
The Essex Girl and her Newborn Baby
The Father of the Child
The Fifteen Dollar Porche
The Financial Crisis on the Street
The Giant Gorilla
The Golden Telephone
The Green Thing
The Hamster
The Head Waiter
The Hi-tech Milking Machine
The Hitchhiker
The Husband Store and The Wives Store Across The Road
The Ideal Partner
The Indoctrination
The Inexperienced Curry Taster
The Intensive Care Patients
The Lobster and the Crab
The Magical Frog
The Marvels of Modern Medicine
The Mistress
The New Milking Machine
The New Oxford Dictionary's Latest Update on Definition of the Following Words
The New Preacher
The New Recruit
The New Rooster
The Nun in Hooters
The Nun Playing Golf
The Nursing Home
The Nymphomanic and the Doctor
The Old Man and his Young Wife
The Pastor's Cat
The Pope and Tiger Woods Both Die on the Same Day And...
The Post Turtle
The Priests Bathtime
The Profound Logic of Children
The Queen Saw from her Yacht
The Queens Riddle
The Race Horse
The Robot Bar-tender
The Rules of Chocolate.....
The Seven Degrees of Blonde
The Sexy Woman and the Bartender
The Sheep Farmer
The Shy Welsh Village Lad
The Splint
The Story of Adam and Eve's Pets
The Stroke
The Student Proctologist and Country Music
The Survivors of the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's!
The Tandem Story
The Terrible Flood
The Three Little Pigs
The Tree Hugging Lady
The Two Old Maid Virgin Sisters
The Unemployed Married Couple
The Union Worker
The unluckiest American tourist in Ireland
The Ventriloquist
The Voice .......
The Voice from Above?
The Window Cleaner
The Wisdom You can Find on Toilet Walls
The Woodpecker Might Have to Go!
The World Expert on European Wasps ...
The World's Funniest Joke -- Official...
The Young Australian Approach to Selling
The Young Pastor and the Church Organist
Ther Retired Gynecologist Switches Careers and Becomes Acar Mechanic
There Was a Guy in the Bar Drooling over a Pretty Young Thing
There Was this Lonely Old Lady Who...
Thermos Flask
They Walk Among Us!
Thibodeaux Takes a Trip to Paris
Things that Are Difficult to Say when You're Drunk:
Thinking Ahead
This Won't Hurt A Bit...
Thomas the Pianist Tomcat
Three Bulls Discussing the Arrival of a New Bull
Three Goats Let Loose in School
Three Priests
Three Tomatoes Were out for a Walk
Tipping the Waitress
To Make a Woman Happy; a Man Only Needs to Be:
Tommy Cooper
Tonight There Will Be Two Feet of Snow
Tooth Repossession Man
Top Drawer One Liners

Traffic Stop
Tree Huggers
True or False
Try These Top 10 Christmas Holiday Eating Tips
Twenty Modern Aphorisms:
Twenty Natural Laws
Two Buddies Fishing
Two Free Tickets To The Show
Two Guys in a Bar Are Talking About Their Wives.
Two Lawyers Stranded on a Desert Island
Two Nuns Buying Beer at the 7-11
Two Nuns Visit the Zoo
Two Old Drunks Were Lapping Them Up at a Bar.
Two Priests Decide to go to Hawaii for a Vacation...
Two Questions from a Pub Quiz and Some Short Jokes
Two Quickies: At The Pharmacy and Spiders
Two Strangers Talking on the Airoplane
Uk Council Tax Now with Discounts
Uk's Answer to Obama's Recent Speech on Tax Cuts
Under The Influence
Understanding Engineering Design
Universal Laws
Urgent Beer Warning
Van Logo Puns
Viagra Prescribed by the Doctor
Visiting Friends
Want to Live Longer?
Warning - Guaranteed to Offend Most People
Warning - Non-pc
What Causes Arthritis?
What Did You Do Today?
What The....
When I Say I'm Broke; I'm Broke!
When It Comes to Sex
When It's Raining..
Where Do Pets Come From? from the Book of Genesis
Which One Has Happened to You?
Who Needs Big Tits...
Who Wants to Be a Pig?
Whoops from the Police Officer Who Caught the Man Speeding
Why Are We Here?
Why Australia is Still on My Most Wanted As a Place to Visit
Why Can't Computers Be Honest?
Why Can't I Own a Canadian?
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road
Why Did the Computer Chicken Cross the Road?
Why God Sends Rain to Mexico but Not the Middle East
Why I Failed My 5th Grade English Examination
Why I Love to Wave at Strangers
Why I Will Never Have a Girlfriend
Why Jesus Was an Aussie
Why Life Isn't Fair to Men.
Why Men Don't Talk to Each Other in Public Toilets...
Why the Iphone is Tougher Than Chuck Norris
Why Wax is Not your Friend
Why We All Love Walter the Chemist
Why We Forward Jokes
Why We Love the Brits
Wife .v. Mistress
Wisdom from a Great Thinker - Willie Nelson
Wishful Thinking
Womanly Truisms
Wooden Leg
Wooden Leg Insurance
Would You Do the Same As Pekka After the Finish War?
Would You Pass this West Texas Sherriff Test?
Writing Rules Clarified:
Yellow 24
Yo Mama is So Fat...
Yoga Style and the Two Old Ladies Discussing Their Sexual Activity
You Finish?
You Got to Love this Police Officer!
You Have Just Got to Love this Nurse
You Have to Love Some Drunks
You Know You're Living in 2005 When...
You See That?
You Stupid Bastard Jesse - You Cheated on Sandra Bullock?
You Were Really Lucky when I Knocked You Over...
Young V Old Drivers - No Contest
Your Annual Dementia Test
Zen Computer Error Messages

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